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Friedmann Housing Amsterdam

Friedmann Housing verhuurmakelaar serves as intermediary between landlord and tenant. We look after the benefits of either the landlord or the tenant. Our aim is always to operate the best interest of our client.

For the landlord, we make sure that his/her property is exposed in a professional way on all relevant websites such as Pararius, Jaap.nl and many others.

The prospective-tenant can be sure that we will actively search, according to his/her wishes and demands, within our own database and from the database of colleague-brokers in the desired area.

For more detailed information, click the tab lessor or tenant.

We offer full service against a competitive fee.

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  • Rent @nl€4,800 (excl.)

    Singel Amsterdam

    singel, amsterdam Amsterdam @nl
      Apartments @nl  300 sq mtr  3 Bed  2 Bath

  • Rent @nl€1,700 (incl.)


    droogbak, amsterdam Amsterdam @nl
      Apartments @nl  – sq mtr  1 Bed  1 Bath

  • Rent @nl€3,000 (excl.)


    singel, amsterdam Amsterdam @nl
      Apartments @nl  180 sq mtr  2 Bed  2 Bath

  • Rent @nl€1,650 (excl.)


    amstelkade, amsterdam Amsterdam @nl
      Apartments @nl  85 sq mtr  2 Bed  1 Bath

  • Rent @nl€1,400 (excl.)


    Lijnbaansgracht, amsterdam Amsterdam @nl…
      Apartments @nl  65 sq mtr  1 Bed  1 Bath

  • Rent @nl€1,650 (excl.)


    Koninginneweg, amsterdam Amsterdam @nl …
      Apartments @nl  75 sq mtr  2 Bed  1 Bath

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